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Born and raised on the tough streets of New York City in an underworld of organized crime and double lives, Mike Burner made a name for himself as a man to be feared for all the wrong reasons. All the money, power, and influence wasn’t enough; he knew it was all a lie and there had to be more to life. 


His search for more led him to a church in South Florida where he heard the gospel preached from the Bible. He was never the same. In 1996, Mike surrendered his life to The Lord Jesus Christ. He was redeemed from a life of crime and death to a life of righteousness and eternal life. The zeal he once had for the kingdom of darkness and his own glory, Mike now has for the kingdom of Heaven and the glory of God.

In response to God’s leading, he planted a church in his living room with his wife and 5 children in July 2008. He now has 7 grandchildren and the church has grown to a healthy congregation that meets on a 17 acre campus in Statesville, NC. In a world where most men have abandoned their posts as fathers and husbands, God is using Pastor Mike’s love for God’s perfect Word to transform lives and homes.

Pastor Mike is writing his God-story and publishing his first book testifying to the grace and mercy of God. His heart is for others to see that there is always hope in Christ—regardless of what your past is.

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